Welcome to My 
Cutiebread Home Bakery!

Bread is reinvented here and I invite you to rethink it. 

Imagine, instead of eating a sugary treat, savoring a meticulously sliced Cutiebread bite by bite. 

Imagine, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, enjoying a Cutiebread and feel its goodness slowly entering your body and soul.

Instead of gobbling up white bread, nourishing yourself with wholesome Cutiebread. 

Now ask yourself: how would you like to leave this Earth? 

The Story behind the Brand

“Bread roll”, this is the translation of the German word “Brötchen”. “Really?”, I thought, when I started my search for edible food in the new country to which I followed my husband. Unlike other languages which use the adjective “small” (“petit pain” in French, “xiao mian bao” in Chinese) or a suffix which stands for small (Bröt-CHEN in German or pan-CITO in Spanish) the English language associates “roll” with a small sized bread. 

As you can imagine, I never liked this word. So, when I was looking for a name for my home bakery which specializes in wholesome, organic, gluten free and vegan bread rolls and mini loafs, I just followed my logic and searched for a word that means “small”. 

My 7-year-old daughter served me as my first inspiration. “Ooohh, she is so cute,” “Cutie pie”, Hey, Cutie”: Wherever we took her, people around us would brighten up and exclaim all the previous mentioned attributes. One time at her Jiujutsu class a woman watching the kids, said to me: “Wow, your daughter is tiny but mighty!” Thus, the brand name was found! 

“Cutiebread – tiny But mighty”.

Be bold and stand up for your health! 

Yours, Thuly