My Values

Health First

I don’t care about your taste in the first place, but I do care about your health.

My ultimate goal is to create bread and other baked treats which are 100% wholesome, gluten-free and nutritious. I therefore use the most natural and finest ingredients possible. And yes, Cutiebread is also delicious for people who already appreciate the taste of a fiber rich, wholegrain treat without sugar or sugar alternatives. As a conscious mom and wife, wishing the best for my child and husband, I influence their taste buds by offering them a whole food plant-based diet that they love. You can do the same with your taste buds if your health is important to you. I deeply believe that taking care of your health brings you much more joy and happiness than indulging yourself with sugary, salty, fatty and highly processed foods. The ultimate treats are those which are satisfying AND healthy for your body and soul. 

Quality Before Quantity

Limited Choice

My product range includes just a few BUT diverse and exquisite bread types and baked treats. If you want, you can still customize them with your preferred dried fruits, nuts or seeds. 

S in Size

Cutiebread is small but packed with fiber and nutrients to satisfy your hunger and appetite. That’s all your body and mind need. 

As “less is more!”.

Sustainable Waste Management

I deeply care about our environment. That’s why I do my best to avoid or reduce waste, whenever possible. I use compostable paper or reusable bags for packaging. 

I also bake on demand so left-overs can be avoided that way as well.


One Payment Method

I offer one type of payment method: Zelle. 
Zelle is very friendly to small businesses like mine. My customers also love its ease of use. They do not prepay before I know when I can deliver on my promises. Only then, do I send out an invoice. 

I love Zelle especially because it keeps your most sensitive data private.

Simple Packaging

Content matters, not packaging. So, don’t expect a fancy packaging, even though the reusable bags are really pretty. This goes hand in hand with my sustainable waste management.


Everybody – no matter his/her background and food preferences – should be able to enjoy Cutiebread. Cutiebread is therefore allergen free and whole food plant based/vegan.