Set of 6

Comes in different motifs.

Ingredients of “spicy ricy”:
Fermented organic certified GF brown rice, organic certified GF flax seeds, organic certified GF chia seeds, organic driedonions, baking powder, Himalayan pink salt, organic cumin

Ingredients of Regular Sweet Oaty:

Organic whole grain oats, organic flaxseeds, organic chia seeds, organic sunflower seeds, Himalayan pink salt

Ingredients of Certified GF Sweet Oaty

Organic certified GF sprouted whole grain oats, organic certified GF flaxseeds, organic certified GF chia seeds, organic sunflower seeds, Himalayan pink salt

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Cutiecrackers are made of our famous “sweet oaty” and  “spicy rice” Cutiebread dough. You can enjoy them as are or make cute, little sandwiches with them. Rest assured, these Cutiecrackers sandwiches will delight you and your beloved ones. One Cutiecracker sandwich is a very good option for a healthy snack. Two Cutiecracker sandwiches can even make up for a whole meal! The fiber rich content energizes your body enough to run for further few hours.

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